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The Company is ISO 9002 certified with revenues in excess of INR 3 billion in 2005-2006. With state-of-the-art technology and back-up extension services, Dynamix Dairy Industries Limited (DDIL) has emerged as one of the front-runners and the most trusted names in milk processing in India.
The Dairy produces a wide range of ancillary products like Cheese, Butter, Ghee, Dairy Whitener, Non-Dairy Creamer, Skimmed Milk Powder, Yogurt, Lactose, Casein and Whey Protein Concentrate. The company is also into UHT flavored milk and fruit juices packed in tetra packs, which do not require the cold chain.
The Manufacturing Plant
DDIL has a high-tech milk producing plant located at Baramati near Mumbai. The Plant, designed by the renowned Valio of Finland, sprawls over an area of more than 25 hectares, and processes more than one million liters of cow milk every day.
The plant is fully automated with the entire automation engineering having been executed by Siemens India with inputs from Tachenhagen, U.S.A. and Ireland. Run by high-rung professionals and technocrats, the plant strictly works on the guidelines laid down by the GMP and HACCP programmes.
Backward Integration
The backward integration programme of DDIL is the result of its commitment to produce dairy products par international standards. To achieve this aim, the Company has set up hundreds of bulk cooling stations in 110 villages to preserve the quality of milk.
A demonstration dairy farm has also been setup to educate the rural milk producers to improve and upgrade their native skills regarding genetic improvement of the milch-cattle, disease control and regulated feeding.
Global Technology
The milk, before being sent for pre-processing, is checked for quality using a series of stringent quality control measures. The best quality milk is then pre-processed by means of special equipment imported from Germany, known as Bactofuges, to render it absolutely bacteria-free.
The technology to manufacture Cheese has been provided by Schreiber Foods, U.S.A. The Casein technology has been imported from Westphalia, Germany, which are considered to be the leaders in this science. Whey Systems, U.S.A has supplied the know-how to manufacture Lactose.
India's milk production increased from 21.2 million MT in 1968 to 88.1 million MT in 2003-04. It's 3.8 percent annual growth of milk production surpasses the 2 percent growth in population; the net increase in availability is around 2 percent per year. Per capita availability of milk presently is 231 grams per day, up from 112 grams per day in 1968-69.
In 2003-04, average daily co-operative milk marketing stood at 148.75 lakh litres; annual growth has averaged about 4.2 per cent compounded over the last five years. Dairy Co-operatives now market milk in about 200 cities including metros and some 550 smaller towns.
During the last decade, the daily milk supply to each 1,000 urban consumers has increased from 17.5 to 52.0 litres. The annual value of India's milk production amounts to about Rs. 880 billion. Dairy co-operatives generate employment opportunities for some 12 million farm families.
Taking this perspective in mind, Dynamix has taken a dynamic step further in the dairy business.
Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd. is a joint venture between Schreiber Foods Inc., USA and the Goenka family with Schreiber as the majority shareholder in the company